Grape Seed Oil USP/NF Grade, 500ml

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Grape Seed Oil is pressed/extracted from seed of grapes, usually from wine grapes. Grape seed oil is light in viscocity, non-greasy, mildly astringent and has excellent emollient properties. Grapeseed oil is non-hydrogenated, high smoke point of approximately 216 °C (421 °F), and 0 trans fat. Grapeseed oil has been used in home remedies and medical purposes for centuries. Contains a high ratio of Vitamin E (about twice as much as olive oil), polyphenols, flavonoids, and many essential fatty acids including: Linoleic, Oleic, Stearic, Palmitic, Myristic and Lauric. Linoleic acid strengthens cell membranes and improves overall quality of you skin. The antioxidant characteristic has been known to help prevent pores from clogging, not only preventing acne breakouts but helping existing ones. Astringent properties have been used in skin tightening and toning. Some studies suggest that consuming grapeseed oil regularly may reduce the development of certain types of cancers, and help with liver damage caused by chemotherapy medication. Grapeseed oil has been used in a variety of applications such as: Aromatherapy, Massage Oils, culinary, acne, dry skin, dermatitis, wrinkles, stretch marks, protection against cellular and tissue damage caused by free radicals, hair care, weight loss, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, cosmetics, and medicinal benefits. Since many oils and their vitamin content are UV light sentitive, which will cause oxidation and emmulsifiers to degrade due to UV exposure, we packaged our Grape seed oil in amber and black bottles to block harmful Blue and Ultraviolet light, prevent Photo-oxidation, which protects the integrity of the carrier oil. - Very High in PUFA Omega-6s, especially Linoleic Acids - Contains double the amount of Vitamin E vs. Olive Oil - High Smoke Point - Contains no synthetic preservatives, chemicals, colors, or fragrances